Physical Therapy:

Out patient orthopedics, post surgical, spine, joint pain and much more. Trigger point dry needling is one of the applications offered along with PRRT( primal reflex release technique), joint mobilizations, soft tissue mobilization and Myofascial release.


Reiki is a system of energy work which utilizes gentle to no touch in order to create more harmony in your spiritual, emotional, mental and physical bodies.

Massage Therapy:

Therapeutic or relaxation massage combines various modalities to you reduce and resolve physical/emotional pain and tension.  Sessions are influenced by studies in: Myofascial Release,  Neuromuscular Therapy , Sports Massage, and Swedish Massage.


Craniosacral Therapy:

A holistic healing practice that uses very light touch to balance the craniosacral system in the body which includes the bones, nerves, fluids, and connective tissues of the cranium(head) and spinal area.


Therapeutic Breathwork:

A specific body-mind therapy that utilizes conscious, connected breathing in an intentional way to help with physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healing. The main goal therapeutic breathwork is to open our lives to more JOY and to continue to align ourselves with our life purpose.  Breathwork allows us to breathe through barriers that may stand in our way on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level.  It is helpful in supporting individuals to release past painful experiences and to integrate more fully into their own positive sense of themselves.



The application of pressure to specific reflex areas of the body, which correspond to the organs, glands, body systems, and body parts.  The stimulation of reflexes causes a response in the corresponding part of the body.

Firm, gentle techniques on the feet and or hand designed to relax the body and mind, improve circulation, and support your body’s ability to heal itself.

Generally done in 60 minute sessions


Acupuncture and Intuitive Energy Readings

Acupuncture is a highly effective, drug free and virtually painless modality for treating countless health issues through the use of inserting very fine. sterile needles into specific points and patterns of the body.

Herbal Therapy is the use of Chinese herbal formulas which are age old remedies consisting of highly specialized combinations of herbs, prepared through modern techniques, that help to resolve imbalances in the body.

Asian Bodywork, or Tuina (“twee nah”) is the application of acupuncture treatment principles through the use of manual therapy instead of needles.  Feeling much like massage, it initiates a relaxing, healing response of the body.

Intuitive readings are when Laura uses her intuitive gifts to see, hear, or feel what may be happening in the subtle energies of the person’s body mind or spirit. In these energetic fields may be the issues causing the pain, blockage or difficulty in one’s life.   Laura helps to bring these issues into the forward consciousness for the sake of healing and deeper physical, emotional, and spiritual well being.